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Smart Liturgy is a creative venture of Don Bosco Media to evangelize people through the use of Social Media and modern technologies. The main purpose is to help people celebrate Liturgy meaningfully and creatively. Through the use of modern means of Social Communication the centre is involved in Smart Evangelization.  Every week a Google drive link is shared through Mail, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The link contains Theme Posters, Liturgy for the day, Readings, Sermons,  a theme Song, Responsorial Psalm and a PowerPoint. The materials are prepared for all the Sundays and for important Feasts and Solemnities of the Catholic Church. Many Parishes, Religious Congregations and Lay Faithful are benefitted by this smart venture. Almost 10,000 people directly receive the mail from Don Bosco Media and many share the same to their friends and contacts. The links are shared in the Website and many other Social Media platforms.

The posters are prepared based on the theme of the Readings and the particular Feasts. The Posters has an image corresponding to the theme chosen and a Gospel texts. Usually the posters are in English and Tamil, and an empty poster without the text for the use of other languages.  The posters are colourfully designed suiting to the nature of the Liturgical seasons.  The Liturgy, Readings and Sermons are prepared in English and Tamil. The songs are chosen keeping in mind the theme of the day. Responsorial psalms are composed in a simple tune to help the faithful to sing the psalm. PowerPoints are also prepared for projection in the Churches using the projector.

During the beginning of important Seasons, all the materials needed for that season are also sent. The seasonal material link contains Novenas, Way of the Cross, Wreath Service, Songs, Altar Decoration Ideas, Liturgies of the Seasons, etc.

Through Smart Liturgy YouTube channel Songs for the particular day or the season is uploaded with an image containing the Lyrics for the Song.  A Facebook page called Smart Liturgy is started to share all the posters and the materials for the Facebook World. The posters and the Google drive links are also shared in Twitter every week. All the materials are also shared through WhatsApp. You can message @7397051070 to receive the Smart Liturgy.


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