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Don Bosco MEDIA with its multifarious activities reaches out concretely with concerted effort to impart quality media education to the poor youth and empowers vast number of youth and public with its media initiatives. 

The centre envisages working in a systematic way to effect education, empowerment, employment and dynamic change in cultural milieu of Tamil Nadu, through media, information and communication.

It strives through communication related channels, animation programmes, workshops, seminars, symposia, intensive research, training programmes, networking and campaigning to make a meaningful intervention in Tamil Nadu. Hence, in a systematic way effect a dynamic change in the cultural milieu. The purpose of the cultural intervention is to empower the people especially those from rural areas through an effective process of awareness through media and arts.

Our mission is to help our target group to think critically, express creatively, communicate effectively and involve actively in the process of socio-cultural and personal development activities. We strive for these through participatory method of mutual learning and self- enrichment.