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Inauguration of Eco Clubs

Our World today is very different from the past. Since The time the International Earth Day was proclaimed in 1970 by its founder, John McConnel, our Awareness and Knowledge about the environment has increased dramatically. It is a well-known fact that the biosphere continues to suffer from the abusive impact of human populations and their technology. This, in turn, leads to the destruction of the universe. And so, we decided to form eco-clubs with the direct intervention of our young people in and around our premise. We had the inauguration of Eco Clubs on 20th September, 2017. Information about Eco Clubs and need for Eco Concern was explained to the students by Mr. Sagayaraj, the Province Eco Club Co-ordinator. Then Eco Club T-Shirts were given to Students. We also planted a few saplings of Fruit Trees in our campus. The program was headed by Fr. Rajadevan, the Rector and Fr. Selvakumar the Assistant Director. The students were very happy to be a part of change in the society.