• The centre will strive through animation programmes, workshops, intensive research, theatre performances, networking and campaigning to make a meaningful intervention in rural Tamil Nadu.
  • Efforts will be made to enhance participatory method of mutual learning and self-enrichment.
  • The centre will evolve especially designed methods, strategies and follow-up programmes. The integrated approach blends the findings of social sciences with the need of our target group who are the rural poor children, youngsters, both boys and girls.
  • The centre shall strive to produce media and information related material to spread cultural, social educative music, books, films, documentaries.
  • The centre shall strive to spread Gospel and Social Values through media.
  • It will cater to young people to think critically, express creatively, communicate effectively and involve actively in the process of production.
  • The centre shall do intensive promotion and marketing of ideas and materials in the fields of education, evangelization and awareness.