Inspired by Don Bosco’s advice "Remain united and help one another", from the beginning of Salesian Congregation, the students who benefited through Salesian Institution come together to unite themselves and also to help the institution where they have studied. The origin of the Past Pupils' Movement is to be sought in the Preventive System, based as it is on the supernatural love of the Saint for the young. The pupils felt themselves loved by Don Bosco, not merely as pupils, but as sons, and consequently felt the need to return to their father's house.

The Confederation the fruit of the Preventive System, inspired by the maternal goodness of Mary Help of Christians to Don Bosco, counting in its ranks men of all races and tongues, nations and customs, men from all walks of life and every level of civilization forges bonds of respect and affection between the educators and their one-time pupils which last as long as life itself. It cements among the Past Pupils a feeling of brotherhood and harmony of spirit, free from the urge of ambition, the desire to command, with no other stimulus than rivalry in doing good. In Italy, for example, there are over 800,000 Past-Pupils, 170,000 of whom are enrolled. In the world they number millions.

At present the Movement is organized as follows: a World Confederation which coordinates the activity of the National Federations; subordinate to these are the Regional Federations which in turn, control the local Centers. The governing bodies correspond to this organization. Every local Center is directed by a Committee.

There have been more than five hundred people who have passed out of DBIICE. Today many of them are well placed and are working as media personnel. Some have turned to be Assistant Directors, a few have started their own studios and some work in Movies and Channels. Everyone who passes out of DBIICE always feel proud to be a professional media person in the society. DBIICE alumni was formed to gather together all the past pupils, invite them to relive their experiences and also share their expertise and knowledge about media to the students. Many of them also help the present students to enter into the film world.