“The person who makes the best images wins (or gets the budget)” Says Dan Roam. Visuals play a very important role in making people understand and then engage them in what is being communicated. Most people learn through visuals, perhaps even more so than through listening.  A video production is a blend of both technical skill and artistic flair, requiring the expertise of a director, actors, photographer, cameramen and behind the scenes personnel to coordinate everything from casting to delivering the final product. Putting it all together is an art form unto itself — an art form which we at DB Media have worked with since 1999 in order to produce great results.

DB Media uses high-definition cameras to capture and to produce videos with a rich, cinematic quality. We can produce content from a short 30 second spot to a feature length film, and anything in between, including music videos, documentaries, promotional ads, films, short films, TV programs portfolio, albums, product shoot, jingles, marketing, photography, infomercials, marriage albums, candid photography and more. Once a shoot is done, our work doesn’t end. Our state-of-the-art editing facilities and trained editors are put to work in making a video that flows, looks great, and has plenty of eye-catching qualities, such as animated logos, dramatic transitions, expert color grading, and even green screen compositing. Of course, our clients are informed and consulted every step of the way to make sure we are meeting or exceeding expectations.

DB Media is experienced with all facets of production, and can either run the whole show or provide support in specific areas, such as providing a director of photography or cinematographer. We also provide equipment rentals at reasonable rates, including professional cameras, lens kits, crane, trolley, slider and lights (2k, 4k, Four Bank, Spotlight,etc).