Bosco Crafts is an artistic endeavor to create Statues, Miniatures, Paintings, Murals, Customized Gift articles, Mementos, trophies, etc. April 30, 2016 marks the beginning of Bosco Crafts. The idea of retaining our cultural identity bore the invention of Bosco Crafts. Looking at history the Tamil culture is one of the ancient and beautiful culture with lot of identities. The Tamil people have been great Scientists and artisans. Looking at the fruits of their hard work many marvel at their artistic endeavors. The temples, palaces, paintings and created things vouch for it. But of late, all their culturist ideas and innovations are slowly fading off. The reason being there is no one to pass on the information and secrets to the next generation. Few cultural identities and forms have already died.

Thus, to give life to cultural forms and to spread the cultural fragrance of Tamil culture to the world, DB Media came to set up Bosco Crafts. The main aim is to create cultural forms and teach the students so that they can be masters of arts to the next generation. Lot of Research and Development was carried out to set it up. Our own cultural forms combined with modern technology brought forth new innovative forms. A new formula to produce materials used for making a statue which is durable and strong was developed.

Few statues were made and then some murals, mementos and customized gift articles were also manufactured. There were lot of orders from various people to make Keychains, Gifts and Religious Statues. After much hard work now Bosco Crafts is making its journey towards exporting of statues to other countries to showcase our efforts and also to compete with the international market.