Alaihal Media (‘sound waves’ in Tamil), the production department, is widely known and vastly appreciated for its audio and video productions. It has produced 34 Albums, 8 Dramas, 35 MP3 CDs, 37 Videos including participatory documentaries and has published 55 books in the last five years on social, cultural, educational and religious themes. Neeye Nirantharam (You are everlasting), one of the religious albums, continued to be a bestseller for over 15 years. ‘Life…love…hope’, a trilogy of short films on children living with HIV/AIDS created great impact in Tamil Nadu. Its subsequent release in theatres across the state is a first of its kind for short films. ‘alaihal MEDIA’ brought together Government and Non-Government organizations, Corporates, celebrities and the public to spread awareness and promote care and dignity of people living with HIV/AIDS specially children. Our productions also include 2D animation videos and games. Its social awareness productions are used in schools, colleges, radio and television channels to preserve and promote culture and also as education and evangelizing tools.