Don Bosco Media Skilling Young People

When you enter Don Bosco Media, you can always find a lot of Life and enthusiasm. There are so many activities that are regularly being organised, through which the Youngsters are empowered and prepared for Life. There are 23 students who are doing their one-year Diploma in Media. They are given choices in four disciplines in Media. 13 of them are interested in Visual Editing, 5 are engaged in 2D Animations, 5 are Sound Engineers and 1 educating himself in Web Designing & App Development. They are trained professionally with latest software and hands-on projects. With the state of the art studios and professional equipment, the students are well trained. Now as they are almost completing the course, they are getting ready for their first attempt of Shooting of a Short Film scripted, directed and edited by them.

Don Bosco Media also focuses its attention in Skilling Young People for Jobs. As India is facing the problem of unemployment, we are trying our best to educate young people qualitatively and place them in jobs. There are 35 students who are getting trained in Retail Management through Don Bosco Tech. Through Skill India PMKVY project, we are almost achieving our target of training 480 students in Editing and Sound Editing.

There are also short-term courses benefiting the young people who would like to learn something when they have their free time. Many youngsters always visit our centres for Short term trainings and workshops.

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